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Professional development course: Coach for integration

After this course you will be well-equipped for a job in the fields of refugee aid, education and social organizations.

With this 12-week professional development course you will meet the requirements and learn the competencies necessary for working with a wide range of people with immigration backgrounds.


  1. Communications and coaching
  2. Body language, self reflection, conflict management, amongst others
  3. Labour market and applications
  4. Analysis of strengths and weaknesses, how to search for jobs, how to write applications.
  5. Culture and legal system
  6. Labour laws, values & traditions, intercultural competencies.


This course is eligible to be financed through a voucher (“Bildungsgutschein”) by JobCenter/employment agency. It takes place during weekdays from 8.30am through 3.30pm.

Reference number (Maßnahmenummer) for JobCenter or employment agency: 955/411/17

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