Berlin   030 / 235 365 94   Berlin -Neukölln   030 / 505 668 34   Bernau   03338 / 35 99 389

One-on-one job coaching for migrants


This one-on-one coaching is especially geared towards migrants/refugees that are in the JobCenter/employment agency system.


The coaching is eligible to be financed through a voucher (“Aktivierungsgutschein”).

Our bi-lingual coaches will support you with

  1. hunting for a new apartment (we will do our best but there is no guarantee)
  2. navigating through German bureaucracy
  3. getting your certificates and degrees approved
  4. finding out your strengths and weaknesses
  5. writing your application documents
  6. contacting potential employers or get you ready for further education/apprenticeship

Coaching sessions take place twice a week for 2.5 hours per session. The total amount of coaching is 48 hours.

Reference number for JobCenter/employment agency: 955/155/17 (for Berlin) and 036/46/17 (for Bernau)