The further training is aimed at interested job seekers and migrants with at least B1 language level who would like to master the lateral entry into horticulture and landscaping.

It can also be started after the first module without language support.

Duration and financing of further training

The further training „mobile helper in gardening and landscaping“ lasts approx. 8 months with a total of 1,240 lessons and 120 internship hours. Funding is provided by the Employment Agency, the Job Centre or as a self-payer.

Modul 1 – German language funding

  • Occupational language skills
  • Work-related communication
  • Concepts of road transport

Modul 2 – Acquisition of professional knowledge

  • vegetation-technical and construction-technical measures
  • botany
  • soil tillage
  • Planning and calculation of areas
  • Care of surfaces and plants
  • pest management
  • Machines and materials for space and path construction
  • measurement techniques
  • drainage works

Modul 3 – Driving licence class BE

Modul 4 – Purchase of chainsaw licence

Modul 5 – practical work placement

teaching times
Mondays to Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 15:30 p.m.